Wittle Bunny Foo Foo

23 Feb

*humming* “Little bunny foo foo slinking through the forest… scooping up the hotties and messing with their heads”

On today’s episode, Thema, the foo fooiest bunny of all, uses her innocence and charm to lure the unsuspecting hotties out of their holes so she can bop—er—kiss them on their heads.

I’m too sexy for my fur. So sexy it hurts!
foo foo_005

More manipulation (and credits) behind the cut.

Pwetty pwease come out and pway?
foo foo_007

OMG Bugs Bunny wants my digits!
foo foo_001

Forget you, hotties. I’m gonna go make like a rabbit and…well… ya know *bow chicka bow wow!*
foo foo_008

Might as well turn me into a goon right now, good fairy. I’m in it to win it!

On my bod:

* Paws: Love Soul, Cat Wear Black
* Outfit: Love Soul, Rabbit Wear Black
* Skin: GiGi Couture, Buddy Holly! (group gift)
* Hair: Kin, Liv – Black
* Eyelashes: RaC, Mascara Lashes 01 Black, Dramatic
* Eyes: House of Zen, Freebie Eyes package, blue


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