Show Me Your… Jewelry!

2 Mar

For so long I’ve denied myself the pleasure of owning expensive jewelry for the sake of…well… expensive jewelry! Who cares if it’s heavy enough to change the shape of your hand? It’s gorgeous, it’s art, and it’s self-indulgent. I’m a proud, single chick, and I refuse to be ringless just because I don’t have a hot avboi buying me gifts and fawning all over me. Who says single women can’t strut the gems too?

The important thing is knowing the difference between tacky and pretty; and so far, I haven’t seen much in SL to make me drool at the mouth.

So of course I come to you all for your input, pictures, and LMs. Show off your rocks, and tell me where to go for classy, detailed, artistic jewelry the likes of which would make the crown jewels envious. I love colored gemstones, costume jewelry, and funky designs. What do you adore? What’s your favorite piece you never want to take off? What makes a ring/necklace worth all the $L to you?

And now for a Public Service Announcement: Just say NO to bling! If your jewelry causes seizures and is harmful to pregnant women, don’t even think about it. Just set up camp at the SL Fashion Police blog and take lessons.


One Response to “Show Me Your… Jewelry!”

  1. deliasstones May 24, 2008 at 6:48 pm #

    Ahh … well, if it’s artistic jewelry you want, check me out. 🙂 Making jewelry is both my sickness and my passion. I can’t stop making it! I’d rather shrivel up and die. There’s something theraputic about it that I just can’t put into words. I love making pretties, and it shows in my work. 🙂 Okay, I know this sounds like an ad, but you DID ask, right? lol

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