Settings Heaven!

8 Mar

In order to get to my favorite settings (and to change your own), you have to enable the Advanced controls (in previous builds, before the new 1.19.1 viewer, this was called the Client menu).
Windows: press Ctrl+Alt+D.
Mac: press Ctrl+Opt+D (my option key says alt, so these are the same things, essentially)

Don’t forget, you can comment on your favorite settings tweaks. I would love to see how you’ve pimped your UI. Now on to the goodies!

Debug Settings

See the first graphic below for where the Magical Mystery Tour of Settings truly begins. You can edit just about everything from this one menu alone!

Disable Camera Constraints

change your settings 1
Advanced Menu > Disable Camera Constraints
This is the king of all settings because it allows you to focus on, orbit, and explore objects at any distance! It just keeps on going! Ever feel freustrated that you can’t view something down the street unless your avatar moves closer to it? Or that you want to follow that hot avie as they walk away from you, but find you can’t gaze at their rippling pectorals after a certain distance? This fixes that problem. Just stay put, appear nonchalant, and enjoy the freedom to be as much of a Peeping Tom/Tina as you please.

Other benefits to this function come if you love to shop or party. Stores are enormous! The sheer scale of a shopping mall or club can make an avatar do a lot of unnecessary walking and flying around. And if a sale is going on, you know you don’t want to move for fear of sinking into the floor or flying uncontrollably into the bright blue yonder. Do yourself a favor and stand still, cam around with your new settings, and check things out from a distance.
And for petessake, stop walking up close to a display in order to read it! Can we say n00b?

Change the Notify Box Color, Group Notify Box Color & Avatar Name Color

change your settings 2
Advanced > Debug Settings > NotifyBoxColor/ GroupNotifyBoxColor/ AvatarNameColor

(Shown above is the GroupNotifyBoxColor setting I’ve chosen.)

I can’t tell you how sick I’ve gotten of that sky blue color that comes up when I get group notices, contacts logging on and off, and so forth. So why not make your SLife a bit more colorful? You can pick any color you like, and you’ll see it work as soon as you get a new notice.

When it comes to your avatar name color, this is simply personal preference. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the yellow default. I picked fuschia because it’s funky, but you can pick anything that’s easy to read.

Just in case you’re wondering: no one can see your new colors except you.

Disable Typing Animation and Sound

change your settings 3
Advanced > Debug Settings > PlayTypingAnim
How often do you want to hear that inane typing sound effect every time a letter is put into the chat bar? And how often is the typing animation considered attractive, especially when it interferes with a pose or animation already playing? Never. Exactly. If you’re as sick of it as I am, turn that sucka off! Instant gratification, baby. That’s what I’m all about.

Honorable Mention: Login As God!

Advanced > Debug Settings > LoginAsGod
“Attempt to login with god powers (Linden accounts only)”
So what if you have to be a Linden to do this! Who doesn’t want phenomenal cosmic power (itty bitty living space)? How can those Lindens resist? More importantly, how does this “login as God” not go to their heads? suppose the rest of us will have to settle for logging in as peons.


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