Show me the goods and I’ll show you the money

21 Mar

I love my tattoos. I adore them. I can rarely bring myself to wear any clothing on the undershirt layer because of how naked I feel without my ink. I only do so under duress, and only if I know I’m going to look fabulous.

Clearly, it’s about time for my first post focusing on a tattoo maker in Second Life™. But this post is not all drool and blabber about a promising shop. It’s also critique and suggestion for a new business.

Let’s begin with the drooling:
Last Gasp Tattoo has the right kind of attitude for me. A mix of funk and drama, this place is on the right road already. I keep visiting, anxiously awaiting more content. Its creator and owner, Maschinen Schwartzman is not only yummy to look at, but a creative powerhouse to boot. Here’s his mini-resume from his profile:

Graphic Designer for Hire ! I do custom logos for your shop ! (check out my work at Atomic Kitty, Wuranga, Lil’ Misfits, Kitty Scraps, Last Gasp Tattoo and more to come…)

If your style is mechanical, earthy, and raw, go hire this guy already!

Now that I’m done with my drooly bits, it’s time for the main event: Presentation and display.

Second to location and exterior appearance, the way a shop owner displays their product is what a customer will notice first. Is it easily viewed? Organized? Cohesive? Does it give off the air of an established designer with a point of view worth supporting? And probably the most important point of all: can you see the product clearly?

My beef with Last Gasp is not that the shop is cluttered or disorganized (it is exactly the opposite). The names are clear, the permissions easy to read, and every display prim has a cohesive look that fits the attitude of the shop.

So what could be wrong? Perhaps it’s a bit too simple for an entire blog post. This is not a graphic design competition; this is a competition for $Lindens. And when you’re selling detailed art (e.g. tattoos), it’s not good to keep your customer guessing which colors you’re using or if the detail is sharp in reality as it is on the poster.

If you want folks to buy your stuff… show it to them!

Oy, Mash, what’s up with the orange?
Last Gasp Tattoo 4

I had to buy a tattoo just to see what it would actually look like. That’s a $350L risk I shouldn’t have to take. I want to be confident in the design, the look, and the way it will appear on my skin as much as possible. Causing a buyer to reconsider even before she’s purchased the item is especially troublesome for a designer fresh on the market.

Last Gasp Tattoo 1

So Mash, keep the orange if you dig it. But how about some demos? I’m getting nervous here!


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