Tune in the the Demo channel

26 Mar

Any av with a brain (or a budget) loves demos. Any designer worth their snuff provides them. But when a demo defeats its own purpose, why bother?

While wandering the commercial wilderness of our virtual world, I decided to investigate all the fuss over Redgrave skins. There are certain stores in-world that I think are a bit over-hyped. Redgrave has been one of them. Who wants to pay L$400 for a shirt? But even with outrageous markups on fashion, the skins have been the main attraction, intriguing me and standing out in snapshots. I had never gone to look at them before, so tonight I popped in and grabbed the Tyra and Julia demos.

Immediately, I was miffed. Hello, scan lines.

I understand if a creator wants to protect against theft or make it really hard for an av to walk down the street with any sort of pride wearing a demo skin. But honestly, do we have to look like old television sets receiving a poor signal? I think I see a Tampax commercial on in the background.

Redgrave demo suckage - Tyra skin
So what do you think? Do I make a hot Tyra? Do we even know what channel she’s on? Tweak me a bit and see if you can get a better signal.

And now for the lovely, pale Julia skin. If you read between the lines, you might spot the nearly-invisible eyebrows.
Redgrave demo suckage - Julia skin

I buy skins for a number of reasons: skin tone, shape of the face, makeups, body shading, and (of course) price. Out of all these points, it’s because of the face that I buy a demo. My shape is not fit for every skin, and testing it out and studying every detail as much as possible is important to me. Sure, buying a demo doesn’t break my bank. But drawing all over the important parts and covering up what you’re actually selling is over-doing it. Let me see the skin, please, before you ask me to refinance my house to buy it!

Also wearing:

Hair by Aden
Earrings by artilleri
Top by PixelDolls
Lashes by Digit Darkes
Eyes by Hal*Hina

(Sorry no LMs tonight. Gotta hit the sack!)


2 Responses to “Tune in the the Demo channel”

  1. portiarossini March 26, 2008 at 11:30 pm #

    Loving the earrings. I was just there THINKING about getting it.

    But the skins.. erm.. they are okay, I hate demos that take away from the beauty of the skins and allow absolutely no evaluation on it.

    -Portia ❤

  2. Thema Felix March 27, 2008 at 6:24 am #

    Those are the best earrings I’ve bought so far. I’m not a fine jewelry aficionado, so when I see a pair of affordable funky ones that have a script color change… woot. I jump!

    I’ll admit some demos I’ve gotten are much worse than these—like the word “DEMO” scraped across the entire face like war paint. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I couldn’t recall where I’d received them to display the atrocity 😉

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