The hood

16 Apr

I spent loads of free time today weeding through my starred entries in Google Reader, picking up some freebies, and visiting new-to-me sims and shops. One of the best finds today was the Primouth sim where you can purchase and drool over the hottest vintage autos. The details are delectable. I long for a drive down the coast, the wind in my hair, the music pulsing through every seam of the sumptuous leather interior. … All I need to do now is decide which one fits me best.

From Herbie to robots, this place has all kinds of goodies to see. I was especially attracted to one cherry red Primouth model I found off the beaten path. And, like any vixen-in-waiting, I got right on!

the hood

These are best viewed large.

the deep hood

Take me for a ride, baby. Vroom.

On my bod:

Skin: GiGi Couture, Light “Violettes”
Piercings: Fluky, Simply Pierced facial piercings
Hair: Here Comes Trouble, Savy – Exclusive – pitch black
Tattoo: Red Ruin, Japanese Water Tattoo
Eyes: LittleGirl, Glass Eyes – MetallicSilver
Skirt: Surf Couture, Scrubbed Mini – Navy
Shirt: Surf Couture, Diner Top – Red
Shoes: FNKY!, Kicks – Grey
Necklace: Atomic Kitty, Picture Pendant Necklace (part of the panda hunt going on now)
Socks: Sh*t Happens, Red tube socks (not available anymore)


One Response to “The hood”

  1. citril April 29, 2008 at 2:52 pm #

    Nice wheels! Do they have beach buggies?

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