Refuge in the Asylum

24 May

I stumbled upon an amazing Linden build: the Channel Island Asylum. The dark, haunting location echoed with the misdeeds of the past.

Refuge in the Asylum

Each ward was empty, kept ready for the next patients (or prisoners).

Refuge in the Asylum

Hidden rooms gave evidence to violent acts and troubled souls. “This,” one individual slashed into the padded wall, “is not reality.” How true are those words.

Refuge in the Asylum

And still, light invades the darkness no matter how those involved may have wanted to block it out.

Refuge in the Asylum

The purpose of these photos was threefold:
To show off a great look in a great build
To use my new set of Reel Expression poses by Luth
To show a darker side of the beautiful Second Life experience

The look that inspired it all
Outfit by Refuge
Eyes by Glanz
Hair by f.wi
Lashes by Cake
Skin by Redgrave
Boots by SiniStyle
Manicure by Skin Within
Piercings by Rave Nation
Tattoo by Aitui
Poses by Luth


One Response to “Refuge in the Asylum”

  1. Bayberry Lilliehook May 25, 2008 at 3:30 am #

    Yay, I’ve been looking for an asylum… Great post! :oD

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