Neutrals @ Cicada

16 Feb

I’ve recently stumbled upon multiple clubs and event locations that I’ve never seen or heard of before. Granted, I am not an obsessed club-hopper every night, and I don’t scour Events looking for something to do (ok, sometimes when the crickets are chirruping and I’ve got on a sexified outfit, I browse). Still, seeing good quality club builds in SL is a rarity, and I love finding relief from the typical urban, flat-textured, contest-board-covered locations that haunt SL. One of the more photogenic clubs I found was in the lovely Cicada sim. Baked textures, flowing drapes, and a Mediterranean aesthetic make me feel like having a real party. I utilized the bright fireplace and its cozy pillows as a backdrop for this small shoot.

Neutrals @ Cicada
View a larger, more detailed snapshot here.

Skin: Rockberry (Valentine’s gift)
Hair: TheAbyss
Dress: Sand Shack Surf Co.
Vest: Armidi
Leggings: Emery
Shoes: Armidi
Armwarmers: Maitreya
Location: Cicada


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