The Skinny on Genesis Eden Skins

10 Mar

Welcome to “The Skinny”. I don’t normally do skin reviews. I’m not an art major; I haven’t studied anatomy; and I have never created my own skins. So pinch some salt as I look at a few new creations on the grid and how I like or don’t like them on my shape.

Let me introduce Eden, the inaugural skin creation by Ryker Beck of Genesis. Eden makes a debut on March 17th, this coming Tuesday. After seeing plurk after plurk about every single step of this skin *eyes Ryker and her super trigger finger* I was eager to get my claws on it! I wasn’t privileged enough to try the makeups (check them out on Couture Conundrum), and even though I’m wearing demos, you can still see all the key parts of the body. Let’s see what it has to offer, shall we?

The Skinny on Genesis Eden Skins
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Get more details and critique on Eden below the cut (feed readers, NSFW pic to follow):

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Skin Tones (pictured above Left to Right):
Sugar (Pale)
Nutmeg (Neutral)
Clove (Tan)
Cinnamon (Dark Tan)
Ginger (Asian)
Sesame (Mulatto)
Pepper (Dark)
Juniper (Nubian)

My favorite tones are Pepper, Sesame, and Juniper. I dig how the darker skins seem to have a deeper texture, the pores are more visible, and the highlighting makes a more dramatic effect. More on select tones below.

Skin Options:

This demo included a tintable landing strip on the underwear or pants layers. Ryker plans on having many different styles of grooming in the future.

Parts I love:
Eden has one of the nicest backs I’ve seen in ages. This skin features cute elbows and knees and subtle and realistic lighting along the entire body. The ears are especially well blended, and I love the eyebrow thickness.

The collar bone is soft, but still defined. The body appears very touchable and welcoming. Oh, except for those granite nipples 😉
One of my favorite parts of any good skin is the use of slight blemishes, like moles scattered on the back and thighs.

Eden is very flattering for those of us with almond shaped eyes. You can even go without eyelashes since there are liner and lashes painted on that are quite suitable. I also adore the pouty lower lip. Delicious.

The Skinny on Genesis Eden Skins
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Parts I don’t love:
The feet look quite vein-heavy (almost like Spider Man’s ass-hugging get-up) and it can be seen from a distance. The Achilles tendon may also be shaded too harshly. The toenails are quite light on the darker skin tones and stand out too much for my taste.

The freckled skin option only adds freckles to the face, and I prefer freckles to extend realistically along the arms, chest, back, and so forth.

Take me to your leader! The Ginger tone seems much too green to my eyes, though I applaud the availability of an Asian skin tone.
Cinnamon has a slight fake-bake orange tint, but hey, it is called “dark tan”. I’m sure some people in the world are these shades–I just can’t get past the strong color “tints”.

View large

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I know we love our skinny bishes, but the shading along the ribs gives a harsher edge to the torso than the collar bone and shoulder blades require. On larger–even average–shapes, this feature may start to look out of place. Feel free to add sauce and gnaw a bit though. My ribs are mighty tasty!

This is a beautiful skin for being smooth and even-toned. I might go so far as to call it “normal”, but not in an insulting manner. It has no major flaws, and I’m sure it’s going to sell well. As for me, I am not sure it has the quirkiness I’m drawn to in more imperfect skins. These faces are almost too smooth for my personal style. Nevertheless, the quality is wonderful, the body is lovely, and the dark tones are especially flavorful. I can’t wait to try on he makeups too! Amazing first shot by Ryker Beck. Enjoy!

❤ Thema Felix

Hair – ETD Katterina
Eyes – Treasured Visions – Aphotic Hazel
Lingerie- Ornamental Life – Lyre and the Muse
Poses: Luth, Imperial Elegance


5 Responses to “The Skinny on Genesis Eden Skins”

  1. Nuuna March 11, 2009 at 4:03 am #

    Very good review, Thema. The back does look great. Don’t like the stomach and the ribs look unrealistic. Boobs look kinda flat. Good skin for skinny models. 😀

  2. Ryker Beck March 11, 2009 at 6:11 am #

    Hey there, Thema! Thanks so much for the mention, sweetness! XD I’ll be sure to send you a blogger pack later this week, I’m so sorry, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet, LOL! And yeah, I totally see what you mean about the Asian skin tone… in all honesty, it bugs me too. :& I’ll have to work on that if I ever release another Asian tone. With regards to the belly, I’m actually kind of curious now if I could draw a “chubby” belly look… add wrinkles on the sides and what not, you know? Now that Photoshop is the awesomesauce 3d painter, I’d love to give that a whirl. Thanks again! Awesome feedback, you are the boooomb diggity. 🙂 ❤

  3. Thema Felix March 11, 2009 at 6:27 am #

    @Nuuna: I rather like the breasts, but I’m not certain if other people would like them on my shape (sometimes I miss things others can see clearly). I should really have tried it on a variety of shapes, but I had to rush a bit 🙂

    @Ryker: Thank you so much for replying to my thoughts 🙂 I would love to see what you come out with next. Hard to believe this was your first effort at skins. Truly great job, even with the critiques I mentioned above. Congratulations, and have a successful debut!

  4. Nuuna March 11, 2009 at 6:48 am #

    I’ve seen these on other shapes, still too flat for my taste.:) But the nipples are good, very good! Most skins have ugly nipples.:p Still the biggest no-no, is the stomach.:/


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