Blue thinking of you

21 Mar

I’m missing a special Someone tonight, and because of that I have Barbara Streisand’s voice fluttering in my head:

I’d rather be blue, thinking of you
I’d rather be blue over you
Than be happy with somebody else

These (freeeee for a few more days!) pants/shorts actually come with leg prims, but I couldn’t be bothered with them and went straight for the crotchtastic bootyshort option. I’m not sure why I picked a white belt on top of the textured black belt in the outfit, but to hell with logic–I’m wearing it anyway. Clearly my ache to see that Someone is outweighing my fashion coordination.

So how feckin’ sweet are these stockings, eh? It’s like a Star Trek transporter beam puked on my legs. I lurve them.

Blue thinking of you

skin: ~Infinity~ Elizabeth – heavy cream – (Look #5)
hair: [Aden] Nicole (DarkBrown)
eyes: ~Glanz~ .::Eyes::. mid : ClearBrown
stockings: ~Glanz~ .::Stocking.metal-10.p.k:. Black-Blue [old gift?]
belt: M * A * ii * K * I High Waisted Belt V.2 *Patent White*
outfit: *Thimbles* Master of Cats Blueish [current group gift]
shoes: /Fuel/ * BlueBerry* Bambee wedge
lashes: AC Lashes Wild Brush
tattoo: AITUI TATTOO- Lucky Lady *faded*

stock by
poses: Long Awkward Pose


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