Toes Up

16 Nov

I discovered a newish hair shop, Mustache, that’s got some radness going on already. I had to do some individual prim adjustment and make the hairs bigger using the built-in resize scripts because I think the creator is using a head smaller than 45, which is what I have. Still, they’re way fun and I like the texturing! P.S. the hat has 10 colors to choose from!

Toes Up

Love these shoes! Thank you, Bare Rose, for cheap awesome stuff. I feel so feminine walking around in toe shoes. I honestly think they could go with anything so long as you’re okay with pale pink or white tights 😉

Skin Flicks just released this loose sweater which is exactly what I’d be wearing in RL to keep cozy and stylish. I love mixing basics like this with a little glitz and glam. The Posh dress I found hiding in my inventory is perfect!

Toes Up

I took these shots inside the Xeniversity “Canal St.” prefab which is superbly textured and baked. I recommend popping over to see the other prefabs as well as their Maya 3D classes in case you own the program and need to learn!

Prance About:

Hair: Mustache { Ashley } in White Chocolate
Skin: Redgrave Moon – Pale Skin / blue (light-brows) *REDGRAVE*
Shoes: Bare Rose – ToeShoes White
Eyes: artilleri Antie eyes *silent blue*
Earrings: +plus – Ethnic minimal Earring – Gold
Necklace: Muse Blanche Necklace in Gold
Dress: Posh – Gold Glitter Mini Dress
Sweater: Skin Flicks Cascade Sweater
Lashes: glow studio – AnnMarie – Diadem Black


2 Responses to “Toes Up”

  1. Lizzie Lexington November 16, 2009 at 3:43 pm #

    OOOH Great pics Thema!

  2. Thema Felix November 16, 2009 at 4:18 pm #

    Why thankya, Liz!

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