22 Nov

I’m sick as a dog with the flu, so what better therapy than listening to really loud music and making up outfits in SL! You know how certain fashion taboos are now acceptable like not matching your purse and shoes, wearing white year-round? I submit that wearing black with brown is perfectly fine since both are neutrals!


You can’t see the low waistband on these Seaman pants from BOOM, but it’s dangerous! Definitely crack-flashing, if you go for that sorta thing. I often show a lot of skin, so I decided to tuck my tummy behind this long Luck Inc. tank (aka “dress”, but we all know CK Winx thinks dresses are meant for flashing ass n’ cooch).



Because it’s that time of year, I feel obligated to make a shout-out to the Shoe Fair 🙂 I may be the only blogger who hasn’t bought any footwear. I grabbed some demos, but I’m not really achin’ for new stuff. We’ll see what happens after everyone posts their “lookie what’s on my footsies!” posts. I am eager to be swayed by popular opinion!

Nevertheless, you should check it out and support the creators and organizers who put a lot of work into the event. It’s for a good cause!

The good stuff:

Top: *Linc* Tankdress Rhinestone Skullieh
Pants: *BOOM* Seaman Pants (Mud)
Tattoo: *Linc* Irezumi Female 2
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Look Into My (Grey)(Lg/V)
Wristband: +mocha+ Wristband Guns
Glasses: Mustache – Shades {The Blues}
Belt: Refuge: Studded Belt (black)
Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::GroupSKin:: Special No1 Caramel
Hair: !lamb. Oh Sugar – Butterfinger
Shoes: AKEYO_shoe_chuck
Earrings: MIEL – Cue Earring
Nails: SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails
Lashes: *FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural
Poses: My AO and Glitterati [new sim, check it out!]


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