Chronokit Freebies

15 Apr

I’m not much of a freebie blogger, so bear with me. I love a good quality freebie–especially when I can use it in my (imaginary) Future Home of Win™. I also adore kit Pizzicato of Chronokit, one of the most detailed creators in Second Life. Kit is most noted for constructing intricate watches and clocks, but you should visit also for the high quality furnishings (and even boots!).

I spotted a simple sculpted plant decorating the skybox at The Dressing Room (where you’ll find more awesome deals from SL designers). After inspecting it, I hopped over to Chronokit only to gleefully discover that it’s a group freebie! It’s already been out for a week, so don’t delay grabbing it if you like the sleek, modern, sculpted look.

Join the *chronokit* user in-world group and check the notices or go to the store to grab the one on display (shown below).

chronokit freebies

My snapshots stopped working after this one, so I couldn’t show you the dozen other freebies I saw in the shop: A group-only gift frame by the entrance, a $0L lily in a vase and a cube puzzle game on the corner shelf by the service desk, another plant on the eating table outside, and freebie shelf in the second room packed with clocks.

Get more info on these and other products on the Chronokit blog.
Teleport to Chronokit now.


One Response to “Chronokit Freebies”

  1. Winnie April 15, 2010 at 6:01 am #

    That is so funny! I did the same exact thing when I was at the dressing room

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