Deals Spotted on XStreetSL

15 Apr

Every so often I find myself strolling through looking for random finds and good deals on apparel, decor, and all the random bits in between.I think it’d be fun to start featuring a few of the items I spy with my little eye. By the way, why is it just one little eye? Am I some freakishly near-sighted cyclops?

Friday April 16th is the last day to buy two amazing sets of 35 poses from vendors at the 2010 Pose Fair. All proceeds go to charity!

pose fair explusive female

If you need some affordable, sculpted knee-high boots that come with multiple texture-change options, check out HOC Industries‘ Noir Boots for only $125L.

I also grabbed the following free items! Check them out below the cut:

Seven Rugs from Jordan Giant

jordan giant rugs

Wristbands from Hermony

hermony wristbands

Full perm sculpted shelves and frames from Brota Kornfeld

free sculpts


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