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About Me: Firsts!

16 Sep

I decided to take part in one of these “tagged” memes on flickr. You answer some questions about yourself and then tag the people you want to answer them after you. Cerrie Janus tagged me a few months ago, and I’m finally reciprocating :). Don’t worry, I didn’t tag you. 😉

About Me: Firsts

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There I am: little miss Themapants! It’s not often I share so much of my real life on this blog. That’s pretty refreshing, to be honest 🙂

Outfit Details Below:

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Merry Christmas from Thema

24 Dec

Merry Christmas!

From me to you, lovelies. Even if you are not celebrating this holiday, I hope your season is filled with gratefulness, joy, friendship, and generosity. The world could use all the goodness and hope we can bring to it. Let’s share the love!

Thema Felix: remixed

25 Aug

Hey hotties, long time no see! No excuses from me–just the evolution of life as we know it, right?

I found a cool tool called for remixing videos and photos online and thought I’d give it a spin with some snaps from my flickr stream. Check it out and maybe make on of your own 🙂

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Overheard in Second Life

15 Oct

Overheard in Second Life

Here’s a gem from the past week:

Poe Tatum: Gurlz dun fart it was.. Uhh
Poe Tatum: Barking spiders!
Wednesday Soon: stepped ona frog!
Wednesday Soon: ducks in the house somewhere
Poe Tatum: Rusty hinge D:

Overheard @ *DP*yumyum

What have you overheard lately?
Check out Overheard in Second Life and let me know 😉

You had me at “O hai”

23 Sep

You had me at 'O hai'

You’ve seen the avatars. They’re dressed alike. They fill their profiles with couple photos and violent declarations of eternal devotion. They don custom titles that read, “Mrs. _____”, “I love ____!!”, and “____’s hubby!”
Well, that’s the public face, anyway. But what do these pairs of mush and adoration sound like in private? Below, I’ve shared my guesses on what is actually spoken behind closed doors. Feel free to share your own! 😉

“You’re the most beautiful Ruth I’ve ever laid ALT+Click on.”
“Mmm, sweetie…let me enter your chat range.”
“Poseballs are red, poseballs are blue. My balls aren’t complete without you.”
“Your bling lights up my life.”
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Gimme some sugah

10 Sep

Come here, pookies *Thema gathers you up in her plushy sleeves and snuggles you soooo tight, planting a big smushy kiss on your cheek*

Sometimes you just have to get more love in your life—isn’t that right? More love, more dreams, more joy, and more contentment. I suppose if you don’t have it, do what those silly self-help books are saying and fake it ’till you make it! And I’d be more than happy to fake with you, if you need someone around! Just holla 🙂

So, now that you shared a delicious cuddle with me, I can show you the fun stuff—like what I was wearing today that I absolutely lurve.

Gimme some sugah

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Watch me on Plurk!

17 Jul

Okay, so the code they gave me from Plurk didn’t work. That’s one of the only issues I have with WP: code is either a hassle or not supported. But at least things are “safer” this way, right admins? Ah well!

Anyway, Thema’s on Plurk! Add me, hotties.