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My blog has moved!

23 Sep

My blog has moved!

I’ve been holding on to this change for months now (seriously, months), and I finally realized that I need to bite the proverbial bullet and make the big switch from to

I think right about now I need one of those tacky animated gifts about this site being under construction. Please have patience as I’m still ironing out a few details 🙂

What you should do:

Please change your links! I appreciate those of you who have put me on your blogrolls and link pages. I know editing links can be a pain, but you probably hate broken links as much as I do. 🙂


  • Thema Felix: Virtual Version —


Subscribe to the new RSS feed! If you want to know when is updated, change the RSS feed url in your feed reader (Google Reader, for example). The best method is to unsubscribe from my old blog and add this one.



Hopefully I’ll be able to get my blog back on the fashion feeds soon. Please leave me tips about how to do that in the comments if anything comes to mind!

Hoorah, new look!

I have a lot more flexibility, freedom, and features to use on this site opposed to my old one. This template is one I purchased a while back for my real life blog, and I moved it over here to utilize the big feature images and the fabulous white space that draws one’s attention to the images instead of the layout. I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do!

Thank you!

Many of you have been following my blog since I started it way back in February, 2008. I truly appreciate each one of you and the time you take to read my content. If it weren’t for you, I would not have come back from two long hiatuses to keep on going. I just love it so much. I so enjoy sharing my love for fashion, photography, and shoping with you.



8 Mar

There are two amazing events in the SL fashion world during the month of March that are totally worth your lindens: The GIA Accessory Fair and Melt: An Installation on Thin Ice.

If you want to grab a belt for every outfit, a necklace for each occasion, and random stuff to stick in your hair, you should taxi yourself right over to the Accessory Fair right now. There are dozens of new releases, fair-exclusive items, and heaps of goodies to discover! Don’t settle for the two or three stores you already frequent; there are so many more creators to appreciate and encourage.

You don’t have to be diva to accessorize your look. To illustrate, I chose a more unisex/androgynous  outfit for some of the more casual pieces of “flair” you can grab at the Fair. I started with this smashing skin by Juliette Westerburg of Tres Blah. A half dozen ice-inspired makeups are exclusive to the Melt installation. Every single one of them are charming, and I had to grab the whole pack. I’m a sucker for the sweetness!


It’s so hard to find good hat hair in SL. This adorable pixie cut from Cri-Cri comes with a color-change hat in two styles, all menu-controlled on click. I’m thrilled that the hat isn’t too big;  so many make my head look swollen in the back.

The Mermaid necklace from Bliensen + MaiTai and the adorably quirky owl from Skream both use my favorite shade of turquoise that’s become so popular this season. I’m hoping to expand my jewelry color palette during the Accessory Fair. In anticipation for spring, I want more vibrant hues to accompany my often neutral-heavy looks.

And with visions of sugar plums or some other oh-right-this-isn’t-Christmas objects dancing in my head, I settle down for a (hopefully short) winter’s nap. You may need one too, after all the lag!


Over the next two weeks, I’ll be showcasing more of the delicious Accessory Fair releases by some of our favorite designers plus a few you may discover for the first time.

The GIA Accessory Fair and the Melt: An Installation on Thin Ice are not to be missed. Enjoy!

Check out the details below:

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Thema Then & Now

8 Jan

I’m starting to creak. I’m over 3 years old and coming up on my blog’s 2-year anniversary this month. Sophia Harlow‘s “Then & Now” blogger challenge took my racing down memory lane and provided a perfect excuse to see how far I’ve come as a vain fashionista.

So what’s changed since my rezday in November, 2006? A whole hell of a lot, make no mistake! My first “outfit” was a Library avatar with modified prim-less clothing layers. I was hideous my first week in–trying to fit into the prim and proper society of Caledon where I first became an avatar.

The first big money item I bought was a L$320 dress from Silver Rose Designs. I just found it on XStreetSL for the same price! Check out my first three dresses ever!

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How to: Take High Quality Second Life Snapshots for Your Blog

6 Jan

Ever since I stumbled onto Krissy Muggleston’s blog a few months ago, we’ve been trading ideas and inspirations back and forth. She recently asked me to provide some input on how I place high quality images on my blog. I wrote up a notecard which has been requested by a few others.

I’m sharing an expanded version here just in case it helps some other fabulous people. You may know much or all of this already, so if you want to add more knowledge to the pile, leave a comment and share your own love! P.S. Don’t judge against the quality of the images in this post; I used an external program to capture them.

Getting Started

Let’s assume you have the following:

  • Second Life (preferably with Windlight settings on and graphics settings as high as your computer can handle them without fainting)
  • A happy trigger finger 😉
  • Adobe Photoshop (though any image editing software will work, even Picnik)
  • A pro account with I am sure this will work with a free account, but the number of images and their sizes are limited. Trust me, the $25USD/yr for a pro account is very much worth it if you love taking photos in Second Life!
  • A blog that allows you to modify the html of a post and not just use simple WYSIWYG editing.
  • A bunch of hard drive space to store large snapshots!

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Brrrr, Baby!

6 Dec

I’ve spent my entire life in areas where the weather is anything but mild-mannered. Hot, humid summers and ice-slicked, snowy winters fill my seasons—leaving only occasional gasps for inhaling spring air and the recycling of autumn leaves.

No matter how much I loathe the long, frigid winters every year, I always come to the following November forgetting the misery for a few weeks as the first snow falls. Trees shimmer with icicles, fireplaces roar, hot chocolate pours, and the music of the season croons of comfort, classic loves, and magic.

One joy of Second Life is the physical comfort of the experience. No frostbite or  sunburns (unless you want them), no sweaty armpits or frozen nose hairs (please creators, don’t make these!), and the choice to where whatever you please in any climate you like. At any time.

In the spirit of the season, let me share with you one of my guilty pleasure songs, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” as sung by Matt Dusk &Theresa Sokyrka. Click below to stream the audio! RSS users, you may have to click through to listen.

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10 Nov

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Where do you go to relax, meditate, daydream, and escape in SL? What types of locations calm you down and give you a sense of peace in this virtual game?

I’m a water girl; give me a babbling brook, thunderstorms with torrential rain, or the lapping of waves on a lake and I feel my entire body begin to melt into its own serene puddle. My weather system is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I can turn up the volume on my speakers, close my eyes, and hear the wet patter of rain as long as I want.

A stunning example of a sim for rain lovers like myself is the new dark and detailed CREAMSHOP mainstore. I could spend hours floating in the waist-deep water with the ducks as the rain floods down, splattering and flowing off of street lamps and overhangs. Check it out as soon as possible!

So what about you? What’s your element? What environment gives you a sense of calm? Is it a tropical island? Forest? Urban street? A club or social scene? Anything goes.

The Bare Necessities

28 Oct

The Bare Necessities

We are a bunch of needy avatars. I know I fit right into this claim, and I’m dragging all of you with me. Why? Because if certain things we own were sucked into the black hole of inventory loss, we might actually cry. We would not hesitate to replace them or piss-and-moan to everyone we know about how terrible things have gotten because that item is now gone. Our SLives would not be complete without it!

What are these objects? Let me give you my list, off the top of my head:

MystiTool by Mystical Cookie (slurl) [ MystiTool has almost everything you’d ever need built in: scanners, flight assist, offensive/land/emotive tools, and so much more]
HUDDLES by Keiki Lemiux (slurl, blog) [This stores all my AOs and dances in sets I can easily select. So much better than anything else I’ve seen like it]
My AOs (stored inside my HUDDLES, of course)
Photography pose HUDs [Tillie’s pose stand is awesome, for example]

My useful objects are normally HUDs. Can you think of valuable tools that are not HUD-driven? What other amazing gadgets out there should I have that I don’t have already? I’m quite the gadget freak in real life, so prepare for drooling of geeky, energetic outbursts.

What—if you lost it—would make you want to cry?