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14 Sep

Sometimes I get a little to much “pretty” in my system at one time … and this is what happens.



Outfit Details Below:

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You’re So Street

24 Mar

I lurve me some plaid–especially when it’s done in two colors. It stays simple, flexible, and not pigeonholed like Nirvana-inspired grunge or Grandpa’s old trousers. These shorts by Riddle are, quite simply, the shit. I know other shorts like this are out there on the grid, and I’m tempted to snatch those up too. I so wish I could pull these off in real life! How did I go without these for so many months?

jojoruno Runo is an artist and creator of provocative clothing, furnishings, and installations. I’ve blogged RunoRuno before, and will continue to do so, because this one truly deserves it. How can you turn down unbelievably affordable clothing that’s expertly sculpted and comes with more options than you can handle? This tank top is one of three versions–all for just $50L. She should be charging more, and you should be buying more.

Exile‘s new hair (to be found on their equally new sim, Covet) is funky as always, full of volume and sass. The current group gift for women (yes, there is one for men, too!) is this absolutely rawkin’ tri-color ‘do. Pick it up at the store’s entrance by wearing the group tag! I only wish there was a color pack with other tri mixes just like this one. It’s right up my alley.


P.S. On flickr, you can view both versions of this shoot: heavily photoshopped (seen above), and barely photoshopped. That will give you a feel for the colors of the items… and my smile dosn’t look so odd in the large size 😉

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