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Fly Back

31 Aug

Writing this blog post feels like slipping into the lake after a long, sweaty exercise regimen. It’s lovely to be back using the snapshot button in SL! I wasn’t gone as long as I expected, which is a relief.

I hope I can find plenty of inspiring things to fuel my fashion fervor. I need to be watching my pennies, so I might not flash many expensive new releases, but I couldn’t be more thrilled to be fretting over correct landmarks and hair in my shoulder.

Cheers, friends!

Fly Back

Fly Back

Outfit Details Below:

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24 Feb

I’m addicted to brilliant, sunny rooms. I find that a pale canvas bests sets off even the most subtle colors and textures. In real life, I work in the lower level of our building (aka “the Dungeon”). With no windows or natural light around me all day, I take what cheerful bits of daylight I can—even in SL. Ah, the magic of Windlight.




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The Brat & The Bitch

14 Feb

Who is that fineass lady next to my punky-lumberjack self? That would be Autumn Morgath, my main squeeze in female form. Isn’t she just gawjus? Finally a female avatar without the “pouty cherub” face (says the chick with the pouty cherub face…). To be honest, Autumn and I like to look pissed off and stuck-up. I think these outfits work pretty well for that overall “step off!” aesthetic.

the brat & the bitch

When you get two people together for a photo, you never really know what will come out. I tend to take pictures for the fashion blog audience, while Asrael (er—Autumn) takes them with a more artistic eye. I’ve included his version of our session below:

The muppet and the beast by Asrael Hax

What We’re Wearing:

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Making the Rules

28 Jan

I broke a promise to myself. I wanted to wait a while before buying anything in SL. I think I lasted 4 days.  … Personal best?

I’ve been aching for this shirt from COCO ever since I first saw it. The Whippet & Buck bustier was purchased as a spiteful bonus. My boyfriend didn’t like it in photos, so I decided to prove him wrong. And since this is my blog and I can do whatever the hell I want, I know I won that little disagreement. By the same logic, I also am certain he will be ironing my clothes for me later while wearing nothing but humble pie. Where’s that drooling emoticon when you need it?

making the rules

I realize it’s considered a breach of blogger etiquette to feature clothing no longer available, but like I said, this is my blog and I make the rules. So unless you’re lucky enough to find them at a yard sale, these Last Call pants are going to silently torment you from my flickr feed.

making the rules

“Where’s the beef?” Yeah, I know I’m really hungry when my mouth waters at a sculpty cow where bovines are considered sacred. I need to go grab something to eat!
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29 Dec

The most comfortable clothes in your closet end up getting the most use, don’t they? You may not go out and party in a sweater ad rolled up jeans (well, unless you go to my kind of parties), but you’ll cuddle up with your sweetie, cook some soup, and curl up on the couch in them. You’ll have some of the most warm memories of your life in those clothes.

That’s what this look is all about: home, comfort, and the small things in life that give meaning without all the glitz.



Cozy things:

SkinDUTCH TOUCH – GroupSKin:: Special No1 Caramel ((old group gift))
Hair: fri.day – Neva2 – Moody Brown ((I think!))
Jeans/Belt: Maitreya BF Jeans – #07
Shoes: “T.Z.” SHUFFLE Flats – Shuffle Flats – deep red
Coat: AOHARU – NordicKnitCoat_Gray
Shirt: [Decoy] Daydreamer Tee – Stars (Red)
Earring: [[SHADE THRONE]] FEATHER earring gold ((group gift))