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About Me: Firsts!

16 Sep

I decided to take part in one of these “tagged” memes on flickr. You answer some questions about yourself and then tag the people you want to answer them after you. Cerrie Janus tagged me a few months ago, and I’m finally reciprocating :). Don’t worry, I didn’t tag you. 😉

About Me: Firsts

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There I am: little miss Themapants! It’s not often I share so much of my real life on this blog. That’s pretty refreshing, to be honest 🙂

Outfit Details Below:

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King’s Cross

26 May

King's Cross

I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use this great luggage pose prop from Storin ever since the pose fair, and it just hit me today as I was (for the third time) listening to the Harry Potter audio books. Trains! King’s Cross Station!

If only this was Platform 9¾ and the train a brilliant red Hogwarts Express. Instead, it’s the fabulous build at Karoastoff. I’ve been on the lookout for a good train build, and this one fits the ticket (pun intended). I saw a “rebuilding notice” sign up near the trains, so if you want to take photos, do get there quickly. You can rez!

It looks like I lost the contents of one of my suitcases ;). It’s actually a spot for another person to sit! If only I had travel companions.

King's Cross

I may not be in official Hogwarts robes, but I imagine my outfit as being closest to Hufflepuff‘s house colors. Blue and gold also happen to be the colors of my favorite university team: the University of Michigan Wolverines.

King's Cross

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Not Quite a Uniform:

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Enjoying the Pale

18 Apr

I’ve been purposefully buying a lot of white, pearl, gray, beige, and other pale tones in the past months. There’s a side of me that gravitates towards saturated colors and darker, more mysterious palettes, but I just as eagerly reach for the innocence and femininity of a light, desaturated look.

I think this personal trend plays into my adoration of antique & retro kitsch. One of my favorite small jewelry shops is Yummy by Polyester Partridge. This sweet necklace could be a meaningful collection of baubles from your grandmother, or a recent etsy.com purchase. It’s one of my very favorite recent purchases, and there’s more where it came from; so go check it out on Tableau.

Enjoying the Pale

Speaking of favorite things, this sweet skirt by Nylon Outfitters and the short tweed jacket by AOHARU beg for futher outfit wrangling. I want more tweed in my real life! The top was a group gift from Pig, and I want more colors! I love how Pig tops are shaded to accentuate the tiny-titted ladies. Show it off, chicas.

Enjoying the Pale

Have lovely day!

Outfit details below the cut:

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15 Mar

I absolutely adore inclement weather in Second Life. Storms charm me right out of my socks. But my very favorite thing in SL might be sunshine. My choice Windlight setting is brilliant and crisp; the sims that charm me the most have lush landscapes with sun rays cutting through the leaves and glowing in the grass; and my dream home has huge windows with plenty of light streaming in through the glass.

Take this luscious skybox by Orange Creations. It was the perfect background for my photographs because of its dazzling colors, detailed rendering, and especially the natural light coming in through the windows.


I wanted to find a fun outfit to wear with these brand new (and freakin awesome!) glasses by Gos. Gospel Voom continually brings out the highest quality sculpts, scripting, and baked textures in his work. I’ve tinted mine chrome and left the lenses clear, but there are multiple built-in options including a ‘wear on head’ position which I’ve come to hope for in all good sunglasses. You can even have your initials appear on the temple to “brand them” as your own. I only wish more colors came standard, but you can buy extra tinting options for a reasonable fee at the store.


Oh yeah, my outfit! Holy shit I love Emery. I had a little shopping spree (one of many I’ve had there!) and picked up this fantastic skirt and the leotard top that makes me feel like a member of an ’80s gymnastics team. Maybe I should be doing the splits?

Outfit Details:

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A few of the softer things

1 Mar

I’m not terribly “quaint” in my everyday wear in-world; I usually stick to admiring the fashion sense of ladies who easily fit their too-petite avatars into layer-upon-layer of adorable clothing and accessories. Today, however, I’d like to feature some softer things I’ve purchased and re-discovered in my inventory.

MIU provided the base pieces for each of these outfits. The one piece jumper and airy dress are a good sampling of the sweet offerings at this shop. Bows and ruffles always make me feel girly and innocent (the latter of which I am certainly not 😉 ).

some of the cute things

I matched these cute pieces with some of my favorite goodies from Pig and jewelry from Atelier AM. One totally unexpected find was Sylvia, the lone hair style over at HAMIs. The curling tendrils are romantic and sweet; I hope there will be more styles to come!

some of the cute things

The boho chic Milk Motion sandals and Breeze hair from Lamb are finally being featured on this blog after sitting under-appreciated in my inventory. Oh, P.S., one of my favorite fashion trends right now is feathers. Have I said that already? Well, you’ll keep hearing it. Pluck those birds; I want more feathers! PETA beware.

The Soft Things:

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Evolution of a Snapshot

4 Jan

Do you ever get started on a snapshot and then realize something feels… off? Do you ever come back to a look you’ve put together previously and want to add or subtract an element that just doesn’t fit? I went through that today, and I happened to take photos along the way.  I wonder what you think about the choices I made.

1. In my first take, I wanted something fierce and dramatic, so I chose the Tres Blah Hiccup Vamp skin to make a statement. Maitreya’s Dylan hair softened my face, but after taking a long look at the result, it just felt awkward.

Evolution of a Snapshot: Take 1

2. My second time around I thought I could gain some blogger points by throwing in some nerdy glasses and wild hair.  I dropped the theatrical skin and chose the luscious red Curio Elf mouth instead. Even so, this look was not for me. Someone more creative can probably pull this off elsewhere!

Evolution of a Snapshot: Take 2

3. Third time’s the charm! I was out shopping and picked up the sexy Maitreya Esprit heels and Mika hair from Friday. I dropped the geek, and went for chic. The final touch was switching taped hands for prim nails (which you can barely see at this angle, but they’re glitter rd if it matters). I kept all the other elements I’d chosen earlier in the day.

Bam! Instant sex.

Evolution of a Snapshot: Final

What do you think, did I choose the right look?


Wearing In All Three:

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