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Fly Back

31 Aug

Writing this blog post feels like slipping into the lake after a long, sweaty exercise regimen. It’s lovely to be back using the snapshot button in SL! I wasn’t gone as long as I expected, which is a relief.

I hope I can find plenty of inspiring things to fuel my fashion fervor. I need to be watching my pennies, so I might not flash many expensive new releases, but I couldn’t be more thrilled to be fretting over correct landmarks and hair in my shoulder.

Cheers, friends!

Fly Back

Fly Back

Outfit Details Below:

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Every Time I Look at You I Go Blind

23 Apr

And it’s no wonder. Today is Friday, and Friday’s color is PINK, bitches. With capital letters. Watch out! I’m going into more detail than usual today, so strap in!

Every Time I Look at You I Go Blind

I’m workin’ this fabulous short hair from W&Y. Why haven’t I shopped there since 2008? I bought 4 spectacular styles there today even after I said I wasn’t going to spend much money. You get 4 colors to a pack, and each pack costs L$200, so it isn’t unreasonable.

I decided to run with the pink theme today because of this 50 Linden Friday skin from Plastik. This is a fun, affordable preview of the texturing and shading you’ll see in the new line releasing soon!

And when I go pink, I reach for items from shops like Emery that specialize in blazing hot color palettes and fun designs. Hello, side knot!

Every Time I Look at You I Go Blind

I’d show you a better view of these fabulous sunglasses, but I didn’t want to hide the eye makeup. I’m vain. They’re from the fantastic eye wear and headphones creator koguma Kumaki. His shop Kumaki Glasses Style was such a pleasant surprise! There are a lot of colors and texture options built into every pair, and the styles range from classic and conservative to futuristic and slick.

I’ve been waiting to blog the Gos Burlesque boots ever since Gospel Voom dropped them on me upon their release. I always have to find the perfect outfit, and something a bit more edgy and bright is ideal for these bold beauties. The laces and panels are color-change (shown here in white); the resizing is done via menu and is comprehensive and easy to understand.

Every Time I Look at You I Go Blind

Speaking of “It’s about time!” This collar by SiSSi and feather belt from Shade Throne have been practically banging on my inventory window in order to be featured. The collar is my current favorite and I wear it all the time! I tinted it darker to go with the outfit, and you’ll also be glad it’s modifiable to make each ring closely fit the contours of your neck. Sexy, sexy. You know me and my collars ;).

The feather belt is tricky to fit, but holy hell is it worth it. I have quite the ass, so I did a bit of nudging and stretching and I happen to like how it sits on my body and flutters around my thighs. God, I get tingly just imagining owning this in real life.

Check below the cut for all the details:

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LOTD: “Glowy”

10 Jan

Can it really be called Look of the Day when I don’t post every day? Ah well, suck it up 😉

I could wax ecstatic about how much I adore every item I’m wearing. Every single creator makes top-quality clothing and accessories. I highly recommend them all! Just buy everything they have. Budgets be damned! P.S. Don’t ever come to me for financial advice.


I’ve got on:

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29 Dec

The most comfortable clothes in your closet end up getting the most use, don’t they? You may not go out and party in a sweater ad rolled up jeans (well, unless you go to my kind of parties), but you’ll cuddle up with your sweetie, cook some soup, and curl up on the couch in them. You’ll have some of the most warm memories of your life in those clothes.

That’s what this look is all about: home, comfort, and the small things in life that give meaning without all the glitz.



Cozy things:

SkinDUTCH TOUCH – GroupSKin:: Special No1 Caramel ((old group gift))
Hair: fri.day – Neva2 – Moody Brown ((I think!))
Jeans/Belt: Maitreya BF Jeans – #07
Shoes: “T.Z.” SHUFFLE Flats – Shuffle Flats – deep red
Coat: AOHARU – NordicKnitCoat_Gray
Shirt: [Decoy] Daydreamer Tee – Stars (Red)
Earring: [[SHADE THRONE]] FEATHER earring gold ((group gift))