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My blog has moved!

23 Sep

My blog has moved!

I’ve been holding on to this change for months now (seriously, months), and I finally realized that I need to bite the proverbial bullet and make the big switch from https://virtualversion.wordpress.com to ThemaFelix.com.

I think right about now I need one of those tacky animated gifts about this site being under construction. Please have patience as I’m still ironing out a few details 🙂

What you should do:

Please change your links! I appreciate those of you who have put me on your blogrolls and link pages. I know editing links can be a pain, but you probably hate broken links as much as I do. 🙂


  • Thema Felix: Virtual Version — https://virtualversion.wordpress.com


Subscribe to the new RSS feed! If you want to know when ThemaFelix.com is updated, change the RSS feed url in your feed reader (Google Reader, for example). The best method is to unsubscribe from my old blog and add this one.



Hopefully I’ll be able to get my blog back on the fashion feeds soon. Please leave me tips about how to do that in the comments if anything comes to mind!

Hoorah, new look!

I have a lot more flexibility, freedom, and features to use on this site opposed to my old one. This template is one I purchased a while back for my real life blog, and I moved it over here to utilize the big feature images and the fabulous white space that draws one’s attention to the images instead of the layout. I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do!

Thank you!

Many of you have been following my blog since I started it way back in February, 2008. I truly appreciate each one of you and the time you take to read my content. If it weren’t for you, I would not have come back from two long hiatuses to keep on going. I just love it so much. I so enjoy sharing my love for fashion, photography, and shoping with you.